More flying space, for more project opportunity!

The FAA has officially announced the expansion of the LAANC program to airports nationwide. What this means is that now it is quicker and easier for FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilots to gain almost instant digital approval to fly most job sites and projects that are within controlled airspace.

Currently there are 6 airports participating in the “beta” version of LAANC. In the coming weeks LAANC will be rolled out nationwide to over 500 airports.

In the manual process, it can take a long period of time (90 days or more), to get an approval to fly in any controlled airspace. With so much development taking place near airports, the current slow approval system complicates our ability to make flights happen exactly when we need them to.  Who wants to wait 90+ days?!

In the next iteration of this new digitized waiver/authorization process, we will be able to schedule drone flights during key phases of the projects, without delay, and complete aerial mapping with much shorter notice. Our network of 400 pilots who span the country are ready and willing to fly whenever we need them. Thanks to LAANC’s newly expedited process, we plan on keeping them busy.

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