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October 15, 2021

Autodesk Launches new ACS Services Partnership with FlywheelAEC

FlywheelAEC has long created meaningful partnerships with our clients and software partners, so teaming up with Autodesk made sense. For decades, Autodesk has expanded its partner network — but they just took their efforts a step further. In partnering with FlywheelAEC, they’re launching an entirely new form of partnership: the ACS Services Partnership. 

As a services partner, FlywheelAEC can offer bespoke BIM, reality capture, and surveying solutions to Autodesk users. And with a distributed workforce, FlywheelAEC can put our technology solutions to work wherever Autodesk’s clients need it. 

Dustin Williams, CEO, says of the partnership, “This an exciting progression of creating value added services to extend what the software enables.”

Specifically, FlywheelAEC offers civil engineers, general contractors, trade subcontractors, surveyors, and architects:

  • Drone-based aerial mapping. Our high-accuracy aerial photogrammetry and LiDAR mapping is reliable and accurate within a few centimeters which lends itself to being utilized for as-built and topographic surveys. And with recurring drone surveys, the FlywheelAEC team can boost clash detection and QA/QC during construction. 
  • BIM services. FlywheelAEC can support everything from initial BIM strategy to full design and preconstruction coordination, and implementation. Additionally, we specialize in civil BIM projects. 
  • Laser scanning. Leveraging the latest LiDAR technology, FlywheelAEC can make millimeter accurate measurements — and can take up to two million of those measurements per second, delivering lightning-fast, hyper-accurate as-built documentation. 
  • Workflow integrations. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect to improve clients efficiency is the ability for the FlywheelAEC team to integrate many different types of data and software (including but not limited to Autodesk) into the client’s existing workflows to make the data usable for several different project stakeholders. 

The FlywheelAEC team takes a project-first approach. We work closely with clients to not just build project knowledge, but also to integrate the existing collective knowledge into all design and construction documentation. We do this through smart workflows, high-value deliverables, and our unique expertise.

FlywheelAEC joins the ACS Services Partnership with a portfolio behind us, including:

  • Apple Park (Cupertino, California) 
  • Allegiant Stadium (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Google Charleston East (Mountain View, California)
  • St. Louis City Stadium (St. Louis, Missouri)
  • Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus (Mountain View, California)
  • UC Merced 2020 (Merced, California)

We’ve also provided services on a variety of civil projects, including a dam at risk of failing and a portion of the Pacific Coast Highway that was affected by a landslide. 

Autodesk’s clients who are interested in integrating reality capture and BIM into their existing AEC design and construction workflows can now turn to the new FlywheelAEC ACS Services Partnership for those services. We look forward to working with you.

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