BIM Consulting

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a 3D model-based process that provides AEC professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to manage all phases of projects with better efficiency.

BIM enables smart decision making and promotes transparency

BIM Components for Successful Projects

standards development 

There's more than one way to coordinate and develop your BIM. Every project has specific objectives, your workflow and standards should reflect them.

Execution plans 

A living document that provides the guidelines for a project's BIM aspirations. We can help you match your project
goals to what will be required from
the project team to realize them.

3d modeling 

Let us do the heavy lifting - whether converting 2D construction documents to 3D or designing in a 3D environment, we can assist in the creation of an appropriate model for your project.

constructibility review 

Our decades of experience in design and construction make us uniquely skilled at reviewing the model for design issues as well as potential money saving efficiencies.

clash detection 

Using purpose-built software like Autodesk Navisworks and BIM 360 Glue, we can identify conflicts in the model before they become an issue in the field.

clash resolution 

Resolving the clashes found in the clash detection takes gaining consensus with mutiple stakeholders and implementing a constructable solution.


After we’ve created a model, it’s time to communicate with the various trades.

Our experience comes to life as we work to coordinate your scope of work in a series of all hands on deck meetings and breakout sessions.

As-built modeling

With increasing frequency, contracts are requiring a 3D as-built model deliverable. Often times this model is expected to be kept up to date throughout construction.

We will assist you in establishing the proper workflow for data collection and update the pre-construction model to the as-built configuration.

project audits 

Audits are especially beneficial for teams with some 3D Modeling and BIM Coordination experience, who still want to verify they are meeting the project BIM Execution Plan requirements. 

BIM to FM 

Completing the BIM lifecycle is converting all the accumulated information in the as-built model into one that the owner can then use for facilities management. All of your asset information, at the tip of your finger.


If you'd like to learn our approach to 3D modeling and the BIM process, we can walk you and your team through step by step. We have seen many successful projects though the entire process, and can help you be as efficient as possible, while avoiding costly and time-consuming pitfalls.